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The "Probicell Yeast Cleanse Study" (PDF)

A new study reveals that a breakthrough new enzyme-based, probiotic formula effectively kills systemic candida with virtually no signs of uncomfortable die-off. Click To Download Now

What Causes Cancer? Know the Cause TV show – with Doug Kaufmann (Video)

Special episode of "Know the Cause" hosted by Doug Kaufman where he explains the connection between fungus, mycotoxins, yeast, candida, and other cancer causing agents with cancers in the body, including human liver cancer and leukemia -

YouTube video link

Cleaning Up Mold – Know the Cause TV show – with Doug Kaufmann (Video)

This special episode of "Know the Cause" hosted by Doug Kaufman covers:

YouTube video link

Diabetes – Know the Cause TV show – With Doug Kaufmann (Video)

Special episode – Might Diabetes be Caused by Fungus and our Diet? Fungals Make Uric Acid in our Body – Uric Acid, Food and Diabetes (Types 1 &2)

YouTube Video Link

Great Phase One Foods — Know The Cause TV show with Doug Kaufmann (Video)

This video link identifies Great Phase One foods that help starve the body of fungus. Kristin Kons, Nutritionist, presents Great Phase One foods.

YouTube Video Link

Anti-Fungal Diet vs. Diverticulitis, Crohn's, IBS, IBD – Pat Carr's Testimony

This link is Doug Kaufmann's video testimony of Pat Carr following the Phase One diet. Take a look at "before and after" pictures of how changing the diet eliminated fungus in the body.
YouTube video link

Additional Tips to Assist You in Getting Your Health Back on the Right Track

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